We believe in carrots.

In horses lying out in the sun on a soft field of lush grass. We believe in warm bran mashes thick with molasses on cold nights. We want every horse to have a window to hang his head out. We think there is a special place in heaven for first horses and bomb-proof ponies. We refuse to live in over-crowded arenas and shudder at the thought of beginners crammed in with advanced riders. We have a ban on instructors who yell. We believe in moonlit rides and picnics by the lake with your daughter and her pony. We think everyone could use a hayride and s’mores on a starry autumn night. We believe that teaching horsemanship should form character as well as skill, and the muscles it strengthens most are the heart and the mind. We believe riding is the ultimate relationship.

This is what riding was meant to be. Welcome to Fruition Farm.

Boarding and Riding

Flying Change offers the ultimate pampering for you and your horse just ten minutes south of Atlanta. Our stunning acreage and facility offer full-service boarding, including daily turnout, lush green pastures, 12x12 foot stalls, hot/cold washracks, laundry service, and superior personalized care.

Have you ever imagined a stable where each ride is better than the last? Enjoy our indoor and outdoor arenas with superior footing and excellent drainage for all-weather riding. Ride the gentle curves of our outdoor jumping course and relax in the solitude of trail rides along our private pond.

Our lesson program instructs beginner through advanced riders, with safe, customized instruction to provide the fundamentals of classical hunt seat equitation together with a natural horsemanship approach. Combined, these two philosophies allow for a graceful partnership of horse and rider based on mutual respect and understanding. Join us to live your dream with horses and experience a relationship far beyond what you ever believed possible.

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