Natural Horsemanship

girl on horse at Fruition FarmAre you living your dream with horses?

Many people take up riding because of a dream…to become one with an animal as powerful and graceful as the horse, to communicate and ride in synergy, to harness the special bond between horse and rider. Too often, the dream never becomes reality. Instead, we discover riding to be a battle of wills, full of resistance and frustration for our horses and ourselves. Instead of communication, mutual trust and respect, we are taught to use force, manipulation, strong bits and artificial aids. What limited success we experience with these measures is hollow, because in the process we have destroyed the relationship with our horse. Too many of us experience dangerous rides, or even injuries from a bad fall, sell our horse hoping to find a “better fit,” or give up the dream altogether and stop riding.

The dream is possible. You can have a relationship with horses that is better than anything you have imagined. We believe that riding is the ultimate relationship, and that every experience you have with a horse should increase your respect, trust and connection to each other. We can help you and your horse to have the bond you long for and make your dream a reality. With our riding and natural horsemanship programs, you will learn to establish confidence, responsiveness, safety and fun with your horse.

Capture that feeling of partnership you dreamed of as a child, where a horse understands your very thoughts and the ride between you is a dance.