Unique Offerings

horse in seaFruition Farm understands that connecting with a horse can be about so much more than equitation and showing. We understand that horses are a lifestyle, a dream, a part of our hearts. We understand horse people, because after all, we’re horse people too. We are always searching for unique ways to connect with horses, to bring beauty to our lives and theirs. Here are a few of our favorites:

Tea on Tuesdays - No matter how "together" we may have it, no matter how many balls we can juggle gracefully, we all need a break. Some time to reconnect with ourselves and others we care about. Tea on Tuesdays is a weekly casual riding group where women can enjoy a leisurely ride with instruction and then indulge in a scrumptious catered lunch at the Farmhouse afterward.

PonyTales Story Times – Come with your little one and enjoy a story time followed by pony rides.