About Fruition Farm

Central Oregon is rich with equine enthusiasts, home of back yard family horses to Olympic quality equestrian competitors. We have a multitude of equine veterinarians, trainers, riders, farriers and saddle fitters, but rarely do those minds meet in one place to problem solve together. Dr. Karen Laidley offers a unique combination of qualifications and skills to help improve the lives of our horses and riders, enabling them to perform to their best capabilities.

About Dr. Karen Laidley

Karen provides a rare combination of skills and understanding for the Central Oregon equine community. As a well-respected veterinarian and 3-day eventer, she has established a name for herself both locally and in the horse community. She has produced performance horses from the beginning, starting horses on her own and training / competing through the Intermediate / FEI *** level of eventing. She has enjoyed successes in eventing and dressage, both with her own and with client-owned horses and she continues to create a healthy base of clients currently in training. She utilizes her farrier and saddle-fitting knowledge in combination with her riding skills and veterinary training and experiences to evaluate horses in a unique and all-encompassing way, both from the ground and under saddle. She surrounds herself with excellent team members (fellow trainers, veterinarians, farriers, saddle fitters and additional care providers) to joint problem-solve and create solutions for our equine partners, all in a positive and constructive environment.

Karen provides a perspective rarely found in one individual, which makes her uniquely qualified to provide help and services that take the “whole horse concept” to a whole new level. Her veterinary skills, gut instincts, and finesse in equine dentistry enable her to identify issues that restrict an equine athlete’s ability to reach their full potential. She has honed her skills and “feel” over years of upper level riding and competing in order to identify training issues that become a barrier to success for both horse and rider. Her saddle fitting expertise is crucial in discovering problems that can cause pain, poor performance and eventually irreversible damage to the equine athlete. Her detailed examination and identification of horse hoof imbalance and health can instantly offer relief and life-altering solutions, empowering horses to flourish. Her compassion and excellent communication skills help to build a successful team surrounding each horse and rider, educating all involved to achieve a better understanding of the needs of each athlete in order to perform at his or her best.