Fruition Farm Services

Full board, partial training, private dressage and jumping lessons (including off-site and haul-ins), horse transportation in our uniquely designed Air-Ride equipped Bloomer horse trailer, coaching at shows, saddle fit evaluations, whole-horse evaluations and veterinary services are some of the valuable services we provide. We also offer a Move ‘N See PIXIO camera system for recording training rides to be able to share with owners and to be able to review with riders after their rides. In addition, we offer horse-starting services in partnership with a local trainer, wherein horses are boarded at Fruition Farm and are started and trained on-site.

We use many different products to help horses perform at their best. Back On Track products are routinely used to prevent soreness and injuries, and we are an official Back On Track retailer. We have a HayGain hay steamer to improve the quality of the hay we feed and minimize risks for respiratory disease. A Flexineb equine nebulizer is also available if deemed necessary or appropriate to minimize lower airway inflammation and maximize lung function. We own a Respond Systems Electromagnetic Blanket to decrease risk of injury and maximize muscle relaxation, and we have five 14’x20’ stalls with Comfort Stall flooring to minimize fatigue, maximize comfort and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Fly Predators are routinely released throughout fly season to kill flies before they emerge.

Horses are fed premium quality grass hay grown locally in Central Oregon. Grain and vitamin / mineral / other supplementation is provided by owners and is fed once to twice daily.

Fruition Farm is a safe haven for horses and riders. We aim to create an extremely positive and supportive environment that encourages healthy learning, regardless of one’s age or experience. Laughter is encouraged, friendships blossom and the only requirements are an open mind and dedication to putting the horse first and being willing to listen to what they have to say.