I have learned more in the six months I’ve been at Fruition Farm than I have in the last six years! Karen is a super positive and fun teacher who will inspire your riding and provide excellent care of your horse. My horse sense and riding has improved dramatically under Karen’s tutelage and my mare is as happy as she’s ever been. Many trainers and facilities talk about putting the welfare of the horse first but Karen Laidley lives it, every day, from head to hoof. Fruition Farm is a place you can be a serious dressage, event or jumper competitor or just enjoy yourself and your horse to the fullest, without judgement. Karen creates a safe and fun dynamic which enhances confidence and learning. If you are looking for a low-key, friendly and fun place to grow and hone your skills, with a happy, healthy horse, put Karen Laidley and Fruition Farm at the top of the list!

— Terry Flores

I have been a client of Karen’s for almost 2 years. In that short period of time, my horse and I have transformed from just “getting by” to becoming a confident, happy pair. My mare’s physical issues have been addressed and resolved under the watchful eye of Dr. Karen. Both my mare and I have made incredible progress, not only in our riding but also in our relationship. Karen is a very intuitive teacher and it is a joy to learn from her. I feel very fortunate to have found someone who genuinely cares about the whole horse and all aspects of riding, whether it be from a veterinary or an instructor’s standpoint.

— Heidi Rosendahl

There are several reasons why I LOVE being at Fruition Farm.

First, we have FUN! Karen and Scott have hearts of gold and when you board here, you are family.

Great, nutritious, quality hay is fed to all the horses and grain and oral supplements are given with care and consistency. If your horse needs it, he’ll get it.

Separate irrigated fields make for happy, healthy horses.

The indoor arena is amazing – large, spacious, and I can’t say enough about the footing. It’s always groomed, never needs watering and is completely dust free. As far as footing goes, it just doesn’t get any better!

Dressage lessons with Karen are always insightful, focusing on what’s BEST for your horse. She targets contact and throughness with emphasis on riding forward with relaxation and suppleness.

Lessons are firm but never rigid. She’s always open to several ways of explanation and interpretation with plenty of 2-way dialogue so that you really, truly understand what she’s conveying.

This place, Fruition Farm, is simply the BEST!

— Karen Tofte